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Happy Birthday Kame!! [23 Feb 2015|12:34am]
Sneekily changed the date backwards!! Wow Kame is 29 this year and I am turning 28 in a couple of days!! 😱😱

Happy Birthday Kame!!

Think I have reached the point I do not exactly look forward to my birthday anymore x.x
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Only 2 more months in 2014! My first post!c [01 Nov 2014|10:06am]
Wow has livejournal changed... 10 months of 2014 has come and gone... Just read my entry on 2013 and it was a busy year! Well compared to this year anyway...

Looking back at the year, I guess nothing much has changed... still doing the same old in Celcom... am involved in a project or two which I still have not much of a clue as to what I am doing in it... keeps things interesting I guess. Thinking of moving on but not sure to where yet... maybe next year (assuming I do not post anymore in the coming 2 months) when I do this look back thing again I would say I am finally working in a new company HAHA!

2013 was a year of Travels... This year I only made it as far as Hong Kong! met Louisa there! Hong Kong was cool in terms of food but man the people were pretty uptight!

I even missed Kame's birthday post this year!

10 months on, my teeth are straighter! Still working on my bite...

Wow my life has been pretty boring this year!
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Happy Birthday Kame!!! =D [23 Feb 2013|05:52pm]
nearly forgot it was kame's birthday hehe
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Crazy first third of the year.... [19 Mar 2011|12:25am]
[ mood | cranky ]

First off 頑張れ日本!!

The past week has been mad... both for me personally and also for everything that has been happening in the world... Libya, Japan >.< I want world peace thank you X.X

last week I realised I had an assignment due on the 1st of April... rushed to get started... at the same time the UKEC is going to have a career fair and loads of huge companies were participating so I sent in my resume without really thinking if I could make it... turns out now I need to be in Lodnon on the 25th possibly the 26th and the 28th of march... With the assignment due on the first it feels like I have NO TIME! I also happen to have 2 essays due on Monday which I have no touched yet... so I am basically royally screwed.

The disaster in Japan isn't quite helping either... somehow while most of the time I am just an observer... reading the news and following it on CNN/astro... this time I think it hit rather "close to home" I would say... Didn't think I would feel this way though... Watched Music Station which aired yesterday with no audience saw NYC perform Yuuki 100%... the sombre mood, the fake smile they tried to put up whilst looking really tired... the worst part of all is the true sadness you can actually see in their eyes is heart breaking x.x Watching survivors tell their story or look for their loved ones is even more heart wrenching!!! 悲しすぎる XO. Even reading news reports about the 50 fukushima workers brought tears to my eyes... watching the clip about the dog who was protecting his friend also made me T.T

All that said life goes on~

Some things annoy me as well like when people go around assuming we're all going to die because of radiation or all are going to get cancer because of radiation... I mean seriously if you are really that worried try to sit down calmly and learn about it before panicking... buying salt and iodine tablets are just lulz... random fact you need to eat 8 TABLE spoons of salt for the iodine in salt to help you... I'll be surprised if you get get a heart attack first from hyper tension... iodine tablets are bad for your health and they only prevent thyroid cancer... you are still just as susceptible to all other cancers! and most importantly we would all need to stand on top of the third nuclear reactor at the fukushima daiichi plant for an entire day before we die of radiation =.= so unless the plant blows up or something the people most exposed are the workers at the plant the 50 unsung heroes... the rest of us can only sit, watch and pray for them.

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cheating XD [23 Feb 2011|08:46pm]
HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY KAME!!! (back dated entry D=)
boy time flies doesn't it >.< I myself am approaching 24 XO yadda mon~
Also no picture of accompany it for the first time in 6 years T.T doesn't mean I love you less though >.< just slipped my mind with everything going on XO

will make a better post next year XD (assuming I don't give my entire social life to a company)
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what?? [06 Oct 2010|09:29am]
O.o what happen to newshfan??? her account is deleted?? :S
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1/10/10 Start of a new chapter in life T.T [01 Oct 2010|02:17pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

This I guess will be my last post from KL for the year at least... Will be glying off to UK tonight >.< New experiences, new people but I somehow still cannot wrap my head round leaving the people I know and love >.> In BM simply put it's "berat hati"

exciting yet not =/ I swear i am probably gonna cry buckets of tears tonight x.x ah well I guess it's part of the process =/ So I guess my next post will be from the UK!~ Jaa

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Various things~ [25 Mar 2010|10:46pm]
Firstly I FINALLY PASSED JLPT2!!!! I AM FREE! XD don't plan on taking JLPT 1 because I barely passed 2 like seriously just passed XD 247/400 O.O

Secondly KAT-TUN IS HAVING A CONCERT IN THAILAND!!! well KT-TUN is... the jin factor in a positive light could be viewed as I have less fans to compete with to get tickets! XD the only worry is the political situation in Thailand... if things stay as they are now I probably won't get to see KAT-TUN in Thailand...

Randomly Bloody Monday 2 was <3 i loved the end with J and Mako~, Fujimaru and haruka~ haven't seen the end of Yamato Nadeshiko yet though... trying to wait for subs but I think I'll most probably watch it tomorrow.

Kino Has my KAT-TUN calendar so yay~ but they ran out of copies of the yamato nadeshiko photobook O.O to think it's ratings were just bluek D=

As to real life... I have been doing my ACCA the first 3 professional level papers... at a uni i really dislike... can't mention which one because I'm not allowed to defame the uni according to its regulations... so I'll just say it's in PJ, its NOT Taylors(I loved it there), INTI, Metro, Monash or Segi. Loads to study but I certainly hope that I'll pass all 3 papers on my first try =X

Also I have accepted the University of Bristol's offer to do a MSc Finance and Investment course this sept/oct in the UK~ so that part of the headache is settled... Don't have to go back to THAT Uni for a second sem XD

and that concludes my third post of the year =X I really need to post more... 3 months in and only 3 posts is just sad T_T
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAME =D [23 Feb 2010|02:35am]
[ mood | amused ]

24sai ni narimashita =D
I guess this marks 5/6 years since I started taking notice of you XD

kame under cutCollapse )
Been trying for an hour to get the snapshots from MS D= I just simply <3 his new hairstyle XD

Ok I just had to post this before I went to bed D= have a 8am class and I need to wake at 6.30am D= it's2.30am now... things I do for my love for Kame XD

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CHIRSTMAS CARDS! [27 Nov 2009|04:30pm]
Last year I did not send any out due to my hectic schedule... but thsi year I want to send cards! Unfortunately I have lost your addresses >.> so can my dear lj friends please give me you addresses again? In particular peta, chung, cyb/darissan, karupin, summer, wingmyway(vis sms pls) and anyone else who wants to exchange cards! =D
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Randomness again~ [01 Nov 2009|12:13am]
[ mood | content ]

Nothing much is goin on in my life... passing each day as it comes... of course still pondering over the question of which uni to apply for masters and for which course... Also wasting my life away on Youtube watching shows like Amazing Race and Survivor... and dling Lie to me... haven't exactly been touching anything Jpop related... this is baaaad D= Also am yet to start studying for JLPT2 this year again!! >.>

Just officially graduated last Sunday... Instead of flowers, I asked my mum to get me a graduation soft toy instead since they cost about the same and yea... the flowers will wilt and die... while the toy would last "forever" XD here's 2 pictures of him:

The following is a random shot of a jersey i bought recently... quite reasonably priced in contrast to other jerseys of similar kind for official goods anyway. Btw am not a Liverpool fan LOL Manchester United forever!! But due to circumstances, had to invest in the rival team lol!

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Hisashiburi~ [06 Jul 2009|11:57pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Wow I don't know how long haven't I posted. My guess is just before my exams... been on a lazing spree after exams... just sitting around doing nothing much... Playing RO, going out XD Should have posted earlier~

Now even the exam results are out~ I'm graduating probably/hopefully with a first class honors XD Based on my own calculations that seems to be the case anyway

The next pressing question is Now what?... Parents don't mind me going overseas to get a masters... In fact they seem okay with the idea of me going to Japan to get it XD so that would mean Masters in International Relations from Waseda... The problem is it has nothing to do with my degree and I'm not even sure what are the career prospects of it... sounds like a very political science type of masters... Option two is to go to the UK and get a masters... of course it being the UK i can choose from a wealth of courses... I've been considering a masters in finance and/or management...

Choosing the UK would be more rational and better for my future I suppose... but Japan is my dream... It's going to be hard to choose... rationality or dreams?

Read more...Collapse )

A little late but... R.I.P Michael Jackson... Hopefully now people would stop talking crap behind your back and leave you in peace... R.I.P Farrah Fawcett (sp?) as well...

on a random note~ I like the song NYC O.O and to some extent koishite na akuma? Yuugo is kinda cute in a blur way too~reminds me much of Keito... saw the PV and the akuma song has too much Yuma and too little B.I. Shadow... same goes for NYC... too much NYC too little "boys" D=

on another note about arashi being beaten by DBSK on today's daily oricon charts... I for one don't really like it... but I suppose arashi can't be top everyday...

/long rant...

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Something is wrong with LJ [11 May 2009|07:05pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

wh ryto type thsi t ineees << crap wth is wrong with LJ that is what happens when i don't make a effort to type properly for some dumb reason it is randomly typing left to right and right to left as it wishes!!!


exams start tmr am so not ready! >.> wish me luck! looking fwd to the 26th of may! sweet freedom!! type more when lj is not screwing around

Edit:: Restarted Firefox... looks like it's okay again... zzz was probably my browser disliking LJ >.> or Java which ever one... Anyway I just noticed i have not posted since vietnam~ almost 2 months ago >.> goodness i am inactive~ Should post more after exams XD

PS: can you believe I haven't heard a single song on BtR O.o no time >.

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Tadaima~ [18 Mar 2009|11:19pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Back from Vietnam ^^ was crazy and fun XD couldn't post yesterday because I was so exhausted!!! slept the whole day today too... like 12.30am this morning till about 11.30am... and then from 4.30pm till about 8.30pm XD Hardly slept in Vietnam LOL had like 2-3hours the first 2 nights and 7 the last night cause I was on the verge of falling sick!

Vietnam was fun and boring at times XD the nights were seriously fun XD the days were interesting to say the least XD i think the most interesting day was the last day at cuchi (pronounced as Gucci) tunnels~ Most importantly it was pretty cheap~ although I didn't do much shopping XP nike shirts and stuff were around rm10-15~ pants the same... but I suppose the quality is better there as compared to the ones u can get in msia for rm15... Vietnamese coconut ice cream and coffee is a MSUT try~ XD really nice XD there was this coconut jelly which was not bad too! I don't have pics because I didn't bring my camera but i think my friends would have taken many many photos XD I'll post some here when I get my hands on them XD

Trying to dl Meichan no shitsuji~ XD finally the finale! glad that the ratings shot up XDDD and i seriously hope there will be an SP like hiro said... XD

Lastly~ a BIG THANK YOU to resha_hime, MK, Nicholas and me bro tim XD their birthday prezzie came the day i left for vietnam XD LOVE IT XD it's the T-shirt Miura Haruma and Sato Takeru wore for Bloody Monday Promotions XD the save the world t-shirt XD

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Vietnam~ [14 Mar 2009|03:27am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I'm off to vietnam in about 14hours... flight at 5.45pm... Will be back on tuesday^^ Can't say that I am really excited to go... but its my first trip overseas with no family members... since its a uni trip...

Been basking in KAT-TUN Presence XD Watched the end of KnS and ep 9 of Meichan no shitsuji XD
KnS had a good ending XD the last min of the show was the best!!! kame looked the best XD he looked young! real young XD

Meichan was !!! stupid siao char boh 1&2 >.> Rihito~ XO

also got my photobooks from Kino XD the KnS one is a must buy for kame fans *_____* my fav pic is the one in the snowy mountains!!! He looked so cool *_* actually i would say young and vibrant XD cute XD Also got meichan but I haven't quite looked through it yet...

oh yea in other RL news... haven't said it here yet but I failed my JLPT 2... by 24 marks... chotto kuyashii but I suppose i'll just try again this year!! XD I might go n try for the impossible and try JLPT1 XD lets see... just to gather experience... but my focus would be on JLPT 2... would want to score above 300 for that this year!

and and and KAT-TUN on Utaban=♥ XD since its a new clip i shall not comment why XD

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I AM FREEEEEEEEE!!!!! [10 Mar 2009|09:52pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]


Off to Vietnam for a uni business trip this sat... would be away until tuesday night...

I am just enjoying my freedom before exams come to bite me in the @$$ XD

that's all I got to say XD maybe not

oh yea RESCUE ON MS a couple of weeks ago... pwns all other Rescue perfs XD and yea yamada+yuuto+koki on showa x heisei for rescue was erm.... entertaining? XP HAHAHAHAHA it was ok... minus yamada going off key attempting jin's part XD

oh and and i was SO AMUSED with the clip of kame on that law show... the MAN BRA OMG XD and he was asking why it had a cup instead of a strap XP and they were like its more comfortable touch it! and he's like ofufufu XD <<< I WAS SO BLOODY AMUSED XP

lastly yea celebrated my 22nd birthday 2 weeks ago *huggles my friends who all wished me on fb although we were all so busy with assignments* (they probably wont read this entry lol) had fun in italianese as well on wednesday last week...

... actually i think i got one more assignment but its a in class thing so no stress XD only worth 5 marks and its obtainable as long as we come up with a summary each week XD so all's cool...

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Meme~ + Random: it's still kame's birthday XD [23 Feb 2009|10:15pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.
The following 5 words given to me by puzzlepiece

The five words... kame, tenimyu, saeki, Yamapi and schoolCollapse )

Whee I better once again HAHA go back to doing my work zzz the assignment due on the 10th of march btw is a double weight subject and is 60% of my final mark which makes it the most stressful assignment T_T

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HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY KAME-chan~!!! [23 Feb 2009|12:31am]
[ mood | geeky ]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAME XD Hopefully 2009 would become nicer to ya soon XO

/Short post XO need to get back to work >< Just haaad to make this post! Sorry if thepicture is too big for your fpage >< once a year i hope you will forgive me!

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Meichan no Shitsuji <3~ [20 Feb 2009|02:47am]
[ mood | guilty ]

Just saw ep6 of meichan and its <3 XDDDD I can't wait for next week XO never expected such a twist in plot O.o the emergence of a "siao char boh 2" (crazy woman)

Sadly I think I am enjoying this drama more than KnS this season XO *is still dling KnS* >.> Uta onii is pretty good too XD

Butttt seriously I shouldn't be watching any of the above mentioned! 2 assignments due next week on the 26th... and one presentation on the 24th XO and finally 10th march the last of all assignment (FREEDOM for awhile at least) >.>

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Meme~ lol the first in a long time and the first in 2009~ [25 Jan 2009|02:44am]
[ mood | complacent ]

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.
Tagged by luna_rainbow
1. I never thought I would be studying Accounting & Finance... cause accounting was never my forte back in Form 3(around 15yrs old~) moved onto pure science after that and never touched accounting XD

2. I like to keep receipts? at least until they get all torn and ugly XP (I still have all the receipts from my trip to japan 3 years ago)

3. I want to study masters in Japan~ international relations but rationally I should go to the UK and do a masters in management/finance...

4. I always thought watching shows in a language u barely understand was a waste of time... and low and behold in form 4 (around 16yrs old~) got sucked into the PoT fandom thanks to kumagoro87 and been watching "japanese stuff" ever since then~ even learned an extra language XD

5. I like studying languages which use the roman alphabets~ Kanji/mandarin chracters is my nemesis... was never good at em will never be~ (I hope to improve though enough to pass JLPT1/2 >.>)

6. I have 2 dogs but in total they only have 7 legs XD

7. One day I just decided I liked Kame~ and never looked back since then LOL

8. When KAT-TUN Debuted(is there such a word!) I decided to support them in anyway I can... hence ever since then I've always bought their limited ed singles/albums/dvds...

9. I finished reading PoT last year~ although I'm not as enthusiastic about it as I was when i first started~ looking forward to the new manga?

10. Recently I started reading manga about Shitsuji's LOL thanks to the drama meichan no shitsuji (mizushima hiro is HOT <3~)

11. Was real active in High school in terms of co-curriculum but dropped out of it when I entered Uni/college...

12. I don't think watching guys/girls younger than me act/sing/perform is a bad thing/pedophilia~ hey if they're talented I'd recognise it...

13. I don't think I want to be an accountant? I still don't know what I want to be~

14. I love dogs~

15. I think I can be very short tempered... and I do sometimes unintentionally get on people's nerves by being uh can't explain but i do~ to everyone whom I have done it to gomen nasai!!!


Tagging rissa, luna_rainbow, LL, XW, wingmyway, chung~, and anyone else who wants to do this meme XD

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